Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Parquimetro Update: Parking meters to be installed in Colonia Anzures

Mexico City´s installation of parking meters continues, this time in the Anzures neighborhood.

According to the local government, a total of 114 parking meters will be installed over the next 16 days. The meters will control more than 2,500 parking spaces across the neighborhood. In advance of this installation, the delegation will institute an education program for visitors and residents alike. This program will familiarize citizens with the way in which the parking meters work and how they fit in with the day to day workings of the neighborhood. Once installed, residents will be allowed a grace period that allows them to obtain neighborhood permits as well as allow visitors to prepare for the upcoming changes. Tickets for violations will commence on the 20th of March. According to the Secretary of Urban Development, almost five hundred resident permits have been issued so far.

The hope is that this project will better the mobility of the neighborhood as well as lower the levels of pollution. The majority of the funds that are collected from the meters will be reinvested directly back into the neighborhood through the reconstruction and maintenance of the sidewalks and streetscape, many of which are in great need of repair.

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