Monday, March 4, 2013

Bus/Bike Lane Sharing in Mexico City

Mexico City, being at the forefront of bicycle planning and promotion in both the nation and all of Latin America, has announced the creation of the first “Zero Emission Bus-Bicycle Corridor” on the roadway known as Eje 7-7A Sur. This corridor will permit the sharing of Metrobus lanes with bicyclists.

Eduardo Venadero Medinilla, The director of Electric Transport Services (STE) made the announcment, stressing that the corridor will be a safe and harmonious merger of public transportation and cycling. He also offered to continue to work in coordination with the Ministry of Environment to educate drivers about the importance of respecting pedestrian and vial culture. In addition, all Metrobus operators will be educated regarding the use of bicycles in these lanes, resulting in a reduction of road accidents, improved transportation and a healthy coexistence for all those involved.

The educational program aims to provide training to approximately 490 STE employees, including bus operators, supervisors and management. Classes will run from March to November 2013 and will be divided into 14 groups of 35 people each.

The Bike/Bus lane is an infrastructure model that provides cyclists with better safety when driving in a lane bordered by private vehicles. The lanes consist of two lanes of 4.6 meters each, one lane for each side of the road, and allow for the shared operation of both bicycle and Metrobus. In addition, the remainder of lanes in the roadway consist of a 3.4 meter wide lane for the movement of cargo vehicles and two additional lanes of 2.8 m in width for the movement of private passenger vehicles. One benefit of this type of design is intermodality in transport and a streamlining of transport options which are practical for all stakeholders involved.

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