Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tec de Monterrey--Rockforestation 2012

Tecnologico de Monterrey is one of Mexico’s best private universities and they produce a great many events in our city. One of which is the annual Rockforestation concert which raises money to plant and protect trees in the forested mountain areas of our city. This was the second year for this event and the first one with a corporate sponsor, Volkswagen who was promoting their “Think Blue” campaign.

Just as in the previous year, a popular band headlined the charity concert. Last year was Los Klaxons and this year it was Division Minuscula, a rock band that also dabbles in some radio friendly sounds. In attendance were over a thousand people, mostly Tec students, who were huddled under the steel roof of the outdoor auditorium. In contrast to the unusually cold and damp weather these people were warmed up and ready to rock. Even a freak hail storm with marble sized stones couldn’t trample their mood…….the loud clacking from above only seemed to lift the spirits of each of the fans in attendance.

I had the good fortune to meet with Gabriela Ortiz, Executive Coordinator of the fund raising event. Ms. Ortiz stated that last year’s benefit resulted in 6,000 trees, all native, being planted in the Cumbres region of Monterrey. For those who don’t know, Cumbres is a mountainous area on the west side of town. This year she expects that they will plant even more trees thanks to increased attendance at the concert and also in part to the corporate sponsorship of the event.

Rockforestation is an excellent cause which needs to be promoted to greater audience. Monterrey Tec’s culture can be somewhat insular so they don't always get word out to the general public about important events and fundraisers……….or at least as well as they should. If the last two years of this event are any guide, next year’s event should be bigger than years past. But wouldn’t it be great to see it promoted city-wide? Hopefully it will. Until then, I’ll still make a point to attend every year. If I can help the environment in some small way and see some awesome performances like Division Minuscula in the process? Why the hell not!? :-)

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