Thursday, January 28, 2010

Urban Vocabulary: New words, new concepts, and new definitions.

A post-war suburban neighborhood that has become blighted and sometimes dangerous.
Example: "It was a really beautiful master planned community back in the 70's but it is totally a badburb now."

Vast areas of post-war suburban development that are non sustainable, blighted and sometimes dangerous. The ghettosprawl tends to compound poverty due to car dependent development patterns.
Example: "During the 50's and 60's the north part of the city was poorly planned and over built now it's just all ghettosprawl."

Plug and Play Development
A new type of development pattern where a fully contained and master planed mixed use development is “plugged” into the existing landscape. This type of development is more common in places such as Dubai, China, and Southeast Asia. While less common in the Americas, United States examples include City Center in Las Vegas and Santana Row in San Jose, California.

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